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Step 1: Setup PredictMail on the DataHub
Step 1: Setup PredictMail on the DataHub

How to set up PredictMail on the DataHub

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Before you start

PredictMail is best set up at home or another location with a high-speed internet connection. You must have:

  • A PredictWind DataHub. We recommend configuring your DataHub during PredictMail setup on a laptop or desktop computer.

  • A PredictMail Subscription. If you need to set one up, please do so in the Satellite Portal. Click here to purchase and set one up if you still need to do so.

  • PredictMail is designed to work on one device only. Please choose one device, either on your laptop, tablet, or phone, and have this ready to set up, too.

To get started and set up PredictMail on your DataHub:

  • Power on the DataHub and allow five minutes for it to boot up.

  • Connect the DataHub to high-speed Internet and update the Firmware. If you still need to complete Step 1 of DataHub setup, please do this first.

  • If you have set up the DataHub earlier and it has been more than a week since you last updated the Firmware, please also check and update the Firmware if needed.

Log in to your DataHub and check it is online

Log in to your DataHub and check it is connected to high-speed Internet.

  • We recommend you connect your laptop or desktop computer to the DataHub Wi-Fi network to complete this step. You could also connect using an Ethernet cable from your device to the DataHub LAN port or a large-screen tablet device, e.g. iPad.

  • We do not recommend logging into the DataHub using a mobile device for this step; it is not a mobile website.

  • The DataHub Wi-Fi network. It will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Please select "Connect Automatically" if this option is available. On a Mac, you may need to click "Other Networks" to see the Wi-Fi network.

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser, and type in the URL bar.

  • Log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  • Upon login, the main landing page, Internet Status, will display available WAN Interfaces and their connection status. Check that at least one WAN Interface box is coloured green and displays the Status: Online.

  • Check your device is connected to the Internet through the DataHub by searching Google in your web browser.

Enable PredictMail Quick Start in the DataHub

  • On the left menu, click on PredictMail,

  • Click to tick the Enable E-mail check box.

  • Enter your PredictMail account details:

    • Email Address: the Predictmail email address that you registered, e.g.

    • Password: enter the password that you set during PredictMail registration.

    • Click the * star box at the end of the password field to reveal your password and double-check it. The password must be 8-20 characters, including at least one upper case and at least one symbol.

    • Full Name: enter your desired sender's name for emails sent when you are logged in and sending emails directly from the DataHub.

Helpful Hint: If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

  • Please ignore the Force Settings checkbox because your DataHub is online. This setting forces the PredictMail settings without validation in case you are offline. It is typically only used when guided by PredictWind Support.

  • Click Save & Apply to complete the PredictMail setup on your DataHub.

  • Check your PredictMail settings have been validated by verifying the Validated status is yes.

Congratulations! You've now set up PredictMail in your DataHub.

Continue to Step 2

DataHub Quick Start PredictMail set up demo video

If you have any difficulty, please review this animated GIF video below, which demonstrates each step from start to finish. It runs for 1 minute and will auto-repeat.


DataHub PredictMail account Validated status is INVALID

If you click SAVE & APPLY and are presented with the error Invalid username and/or password, or you find the Validated status of your account is invalid in the DataHub when you have forced the settings, please:

  • Double-check that your PredictMail E-mail Address is correct

  • Click the * start to reveal your password and check it is correct

  • Click the blue VALIDATE button to save it, or SAVE & APPLY only if you cannot see the VALIDATE button.

Change your PredictMail password

If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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