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Step 1: Connect to the DataHub and update the Firmware
Step 1: Connect to the DataHub and update the Firmware

A critical first step for the setup of the DataHub

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DataHub Firmware update

To follow this setup guide successfully and benefit from all the new features we have added to the DataHub since its launch, it is essential to check and update the DataHub Firmware as soon as you connect to it.

Important Note

  • The DataHub must maintain power during a Firmware update. If the DataHub loses power during the update, it will be damaged beyond repair.

Get ready to connect to the DataHub

  • The DataHub will offline when you first connect to it. Therefore, we recommend you either print the Step 1 help articles first or have it available on another device so you can continue to read along once connected to the DataHub using this device.

  • Plug the DataHub into the AC power supply with the power cord provided. The power supply is provided with a Type A USA power socket adaptor. You may need an AC adaptor for your country. In NZ/AU, you could bend the AC pins to fit a local AC socket.

  • When installing the DataHub on your boat (DC supply), you will cut the power cable and there will be no need for the AC adaptor, so to keep the sale price as low as possible, the DataHub does not include all major international power socket adaptors.

  • A blue Power LED status light will illuminate when the unit is correctly powered on.

  • To complete this step, we recommend connecting your laptop or desktop computer to the DataHub Wi-Fi network. You could also use a large-screen tablet device.

    We do not recommend logging into the DataHub using a mobile device for this step; it is not a mobile website.

  • The DataHub Wi-Fi network will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Please select "Connect Automatically" if this option is available. On a Mac, you may need to click "Other Networks" to see the Wi-Fi network.

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser, and type in the URL bar.
    Important Note: is not an Internet address; it is only available when connected to DataHub Wi-Fi or via Ethernet to the DataHub LAN port.

  • Log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  • The main landing page will look like this:

  • The firmware version in the bottom right corner of the page will display as HUB-32m V3.XX.

Important Note: If your DataHub Firmware version is 3.32 or earlier (lower), please review this help article for steps to update your Firmware: Updating Firmware if you have Firmware version 3.32 or earlier.

Firmware Update Steps

To download the Firmware update, the DataHub must connect to the Internet. You can do this by using your phone to provide a USB-tethered Internet connection or by connecting the DataHub Wi-Fi to your home or other high-speed Wi-Fi.

Important Note: To avoid bill shock, update at home or somewhere you can access high-speed Wi-Fi or cellular data. Firmware updates exceed 17mb, so any attempt to download it through your GO exec will be slow, expensive, and likely unsuccessful as the connection may drop.

Use your iPhone or Android to USB tether a hotspot to the DataHub

The easiest way to connect your DataHub to the Internet is by connecting your iPhone or Android phone with your USB charging cable to tether it and provide a hotspot for your DataHub.

Important Note: The iPhone or Android device used to provide a USB tether for the Internet with the DataHub cannot be the same device you use to log in to the DataHub.

Use Ethernet or Wi-Fi to connect your DataHub to the Internet

If you have difficulty connecting the DataHub to the Internet using a USB tether, please try either of these methods:

Update the DataHub Firmware

After you connect the DataHub to the Internet, please complete the following steps.

  • From the left menu, under the Services heading, click Settings.

  • On the top menu on the right-hand side, click Software Update.

  • Click CHECK, then Download.

  • Please be patient for the download process to start and complete. If the download fails, please retry. If you have difficulty downloading the update please use a desktop or laptop device or connect the DataHub to the Internet a different way, e.g. Wi-Fi.

  • This page will be shown as the Firmware is being downloaded.

  • Click Confirm.

  • The firmware update takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. Note: You will be disconnected from Wi-Fi during the update while it reboots. Before checking update status, please ensure you reconnect to DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • The page will say Upgrade in Progress.

  • The firmware update is complete once the PW-Hub-XXXX Wi-FI is again available to reconnect your device.

Important Note: After a Firmware update, please allow the DataHub 15-20 minutes to fully unpack the Firmware, load it into the Flash memory, and start up all the DataHub programs, such as PredictMail. Any changes made to DataHub settings during this time will be only saved temporarily into RAM. Clicking the Save & Apply button will only work as usual after 15-20 minutes.

  • Please reconnect the device to the DataHub Wi-Fi and verify the new software version by checking the firmware version as displayed on the footer of the login page or any other page in the DataHub.

    If the version number has stayed the same, please repeat the steps above.

  • When you have updated the Firmware successfully and press CHECK on the Software Updates page, if you see the message "Your system is up to date - HUB-32m-vX.XX", then congratulations! Your DataHub Firmware is up to date.

Continue to Step 2

You are ready to move on to Step 2: How to set up GPS tracking.


DataHub website won't load. I cannot reconnect to the DataHub

If you are unable to open in your web browser or see text only on the webpage after a Firmware update:

  • Please check if your device has joined another Wi-Fi while the DataHub was offline.

  • Rejoin DataHub Wi-Fi e.g. PW-Hub-XXXX.

  • Mac O/S: Click the Wi-Fi Settings icon top right, then Other Networks, to see the full list of Wi-Fi networks.

  • The laptop example below switched to a phone hotspot while the DataHub was updated. It needs to be manually reconnected to the DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • If you cannot reconnect to the DataHub via Wi-Fi or see it after a full 20 minutes, the Firmware update must have been completed or failed.

  • Please power off the DataHub, wait 10 seconds, then power it on again, and wait at least 5 minutes before trying to reconnect.

  • If you still cannot reconnect to DataHub Wi-Fi, try another device.

  • Wait and watch the Wi-Fi connection page on your devices for a minute or more while they refresh the list of available Wi-Fi networks 2-3 times.

  • Please contact Support if you need further assistance.

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