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How to connect DataHub to the Internet via Ethernet
How to connect DataHub to the Internet via Ethernet
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Using an Ethernet Cable

  • Run an Ethernet cable from the LAN port on your router (This is your device that is connected to the Internet) to the port labelled WAN on the DataHub. The DataHub should now be automatically connected to the Internet.

  • To check the DataHub has an internet connection connect your laptop (Recommended) or mobile device to the DataHub Wi-Fi network. It will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser and type in the URL bar

  • Login with username admin and password admin

  • Click on the Left Menu Settings, then Internet Status from the top menu

  • The interface WAN box should be GREEN. It may take up to 2 minutes to turn Green, so please be patient.

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