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How to connect the DataHub using Wifi to an Internet Hotspot - Old Firmware
How to connect the DataHub using Wifi to an Internet Hotspot - Old Firmware

How to connect to a Wi-Fi Internet Hotspot with DataHub Firmware 3.81 or lower

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Important Note: This guide only applies to DataHubs on Firmware 3.81 or lower (earlier).

Connect the DataHub via a Wi-Fi Internet Hotspot

You can connect the DataHub via Wi-Fi to any Internet Hotspot. It could be your home Wi-Fi, a marina, or a 3G/4G LTE or 5G Cellular Modem which provides a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Important Notes:

  • If the Wi-Fi you are connecting to eg. a marina, requires you to login on to a webpage immediately after connecting to enter an additional passcode or voucher number, you may not be able to connect using the DataHub.

  • Please do not attempt to update your Firmware using the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi hotspot. The Firmware is a large file transfer, so you will most likely incur data overages and experience bill shock!

Before you start - print this page & connect to the DataHub

  • Print this help page, or alternatively display this help page on another device, as you will lose your internet connection when you connect to the DataHub.

  • We recommend you connect your laptop or desktop computer to the DataHub Wi-Fi network to complete this step. You could also connect using an Ethernet cable from your device to the DataHub LAN port or use a large-screen tablet device eg. iPad via Wi-Fi.

    We do not recommend logging into the DataHub using a mobile device for this step; it is not a mobile website.

  • The DataHub Wi-Fi network will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Please select "Connect Automatically" if this option is available. On a Mac, you may need to click "Other Networks" to see the Wi-Fi network.

Login to the DataHub & Connect it to the Wi-Fi Hotspot

When connected to the DataHub Wi-Fi or via an Ethernet cable into the DataHub LAN port:

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser, and type in the URL bar.

  • Log in with the default username admin and password admin.

  • Under Services on the left menu, Click Settings.

  • On the top menu, click Wi-Fi.

  • On the right-hand side, in the WiFi Network to Internet section, click the Scan button. This activates DataHub Wi-Fi to search for an Internet Hotspot.

  • Select the desired Internet Hotspot Wifi and click Join Network. The hotspot with the strongest signal will be at the top of the list and is most likely your closest Internet Hotspot.

  • Enter your Wi-Fi password in the box WPA WiFi password.

    Please click on the * asterisk to reveal it so you can double check you have the correct password.

  • When you are sure it is correct, click the Submit button in the bottom right.

  • Click Save at the bottom right corner of the page.

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save & Apply to confirm your settings and activate them.

Check the DataHub is connected to the Wi-Fi Hotspot

  • Under Services on the left menu, click Settings.

  • Click Internet Status from the top menu.

  • The interface wifi wan box should be a green colour and display Status: Online.

Important Note: The interface WAN box may take up to 2 minutes to turn green and display Status: Online.

Congratulations! The DataHub is now connected to the Internet Hotspot via Wi-Fi.

Continue to Update DataHub Firmware?

If you are setting up the DataHub, please return to Step 1 and continue to Update the DataHub Firmware.

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