DataHub Wi-Fi range and speed

Range and speed of the DataHub 5Ghz Wi-Fi

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To achieve the best Wi-Fi range using the DataHub, please flat mount the DataHub in a central location with power, offering a suitable Wi-Fi coverage range for your devices, e.g. laptops, phones and tablets. This is likely the Nav area or cockpit.

By default, the DataHub 5GHz Wi-Fi is enabled for your personal devices to connect to. This network offers a 10m line of sight or less through a bulkhead or behind a panel. By default, the longer-range DataHub 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi network is available to connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot that might be further away, such as at a marina.

Typically, you can expect to achieve 60-70Mbs Download / Upload speeds for a DataHub Wi-Fi-connected device when the 2.4Ghz or DataHub Ethernet WAN port is connected to another high-speed Internet source, such as Starlink or other high-speed Wi-Fi.

This bandwidth is sufficient for multiple video streams or video calls and most other typical Internet usage requirements.

The DataHub offers a 100Mbs Ethernet LAN/WAN connection; however, in practice, this is limited to 60-70Mbs due to the DataHub's ultra-low power CPU.

The DataHub has been designed for minimal power use whilst supporting the typical bandwidth requirements of multiple devices and Internet users. For this reason, the 100Mbs Ethernet and Wi-Fi 802.11ac chipset included are ideal. The DataHub CPU would need to be a higher specification, and the device itself would need to be larger to include a faster network bus onto the circuit board.

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