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Step 2: Setup PredictMail on your chosen Email Client
Step 2: Setup PredictMail on your chosen Email Client

Quick links to PredictMail set up guides for AppleMail, Gmail and Outlook

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The next step is to set up PredictMail on all your device using an email client. PredictWind has tested, verified and offers a setup guide for the email clients listed below.

Setup only takes a few minutes. Once set up, your devices will connect seamlessly to the DataHub while on board. When away from your boat, they can connect to PredictMail servers over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

PredictMail setup instructions

Important Note: Before you start, please connect your device directly to the Internet via home Wi-Fi or other high-speed Internet. Please do not set up PredictMail on your device while connected to DataHub Wi-Fi as you may encounter a setup validation error. Once set up, you can switch to DataHub Wi-Fi.

Continue to Step 3

When you have set up your chosen device, you are ready to move to Step 3: Send and Receive your first email using PredictMail.

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