PredictMail for any other email client

Using PredictMail with your preferred email client

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PredictMail for any other email client

PredictMail has been tested with and will be supported for email clients where a quick start setup guide has been provided. These email clients have been carefully chosen and validated by PredictWind, with specific code added to enable support for these Apps where required. We recommend using one of the supported email clients with PredictMail.

With many email clients available, given familiarity and individual preference, you may wish to use another email client. If doing so, please be aware that PredictWind cannot offer advanced support for these email clients. The settings shared below are generic and may not be able to be configured into your chosen mail App.

Additionally, you may encounter unexpected errors when using the email App with DataHub Wi-Fi or when attempting to use advanced features, such as downloading large emails from the DataHub Server Quarantine. To work around this, please log in to the DataHub and use the PredictMail capability available on the device to download messages to the DataHub for retrieval.

Before you start

  • Do you have a PredictMail account?

    If you do not have a PredictMail account, please set one up first in the Satellite Portal.

  • Connect to the Internet via your device's cellular data, home or another high-speed Wi-Fi, or a hot spot from another device. Disconnect from and do not use DataHub Wi-Fi during the PredictMail setup.

Important Note: Email App account setup wizards typically verify your account settings before saving them. It cannot do this during setup when connected to DataHub Wi-Fi, even if the DataHub is connected to the Internet.

To save your account settings, you must use your device's cellular connection, home or another high-speed Wi-Fi, or a hotspot from another device.

Generic PredictMail Settings for POP3 Email Apps

  • Enter your desired Display Name: e.g. John Smith

  • Your Email Address is: e.g.

  • Authentication: Username and password, e.g.

  • Incoming Email Server Type: POP3

  • Server Name/Server Address: (please note all lowercase)

  • POP Server Port: 995

  • POP Server Authentication Security type: SSL/TLS

  • POP Server Username and password, e.g. & your Predictmail password

  • Outgoing SMTP Server:

  • Encryption: StartTls

  • SMTP server Port: 587

  • Please tick Requires authentication for both Incoming and Outgoing servers if available

  • SMTP Server Username and password, e.g. & your Predictmail password

  • POP3 settings, recommend:

    • Enable Leave a copy of messages on the server

    • Enable Remove after 5 days

    • Enable Remove when I permanently delete them

Other PredictMail email App settings

  • Please untick or deselect any settings that Automatically detect and manage connection settings.

  • It should not be necessary to enable Secure Password Authentication (SPA); however, if you encounter errors, you may resolve them by enabling this setting.

Suppose you have multiple email accounts running in your other email App. In that case, you may find those create errors when checking the server automatically while connected to DataHub Wi-Fi. Please cancel or ignore these.

Similarly, if connected to DataHub Wi-Fi, you are asked to enter the username and password for your PredictMail account again; you may need to either re-enter these, click the X or cancel buttons.

Quick Tips

Sending Emails with DataHub via Iridium GO or Iridium GO! Exec

With a PredictWind DataHub, you can send email through the DataHub while connected to its Wi-Fi. Please see this help article for a step-by-step guide to Send and Receive emails with the DataHub using an Iridium GO exec! /Iridium GO! while offshore.


Change your PredictMail password

If you forgot your PredictMail password, you can reset it in the Satellite Portal. Click on your PredictMail Account, then click Change Password.

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