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PredictMail won't download to my phone or laptop
PredictMail won't download to my phone or laptop

Troubleshoot your phone or laptop if you're unable to download PredictMail off the DataHub

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If you see PredictMail emails in the DataHub Inbox, yet your phone or laptop isn't able to download them from the DataHub, please follow these troubleshooting steps to resolve the issue:

Check your email App incoming mailbox settings

We've tested major email Apps and written a set-up guide for each one with specific settings required to download email from the DataHub. Please review the relevant setup guide for your device and ensure that the username, password, and incoming mail server are all correct and in lowercase.

The incoming mail server for PredictMail to work via the DataHub is:

Update your DataHub Firmware

If you've had your DataHub for a while, it may be running old Firmware. Please update the Firmware per these instructions:

Between Firmware 3.89 and 3.92 we added a special script to clean up mailboxes on the DataHub and migrate all emails into one, lowercase email folder. From 3.92 the DataHub also automatically forces all PredictMail usernames into lowercase and forces all email send/receive requests into lowercase before checking the DataHub mail folder.

If your DataHub or email App had a mixed case in the username, this may resolve your issue.

Your DataHub SD card file system may be corrupted

From Firmware 3.92 we added a new function to the DataHub which allows the SD card to be reformatted in case of a file system error. This resolves many PredictMail issues. Please see how to reformat your SD card here:

Contact Support

If none of the above steps resolves the issue for you please click here to contact Support.

Also, if you have a cellular or Wi-Fi/Starlink Internet connection, enable remote support with Startup on Boot and Persistent Connection so we can log in remotely and review your DataHub.

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