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DataHub how to enable Remote Access for Support
DataHub how to enable Remote Access for Support
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The remote access feature allows the PredictWind support team to access your DataHub remotely to assist you with resolving technical issues. To use remote access, your DataHub must have access to the Internet.

How to Enable Remote Access for Support

With your device connected to DataHub Wi-Fi or via Ethernet to the LAN port, open your web browser, e.g. Safari or Chrome, to the address and log in.

To enable remote access:

  • On the left menu, click on Remote Access at the top or bottom of the menu.

  • In the text box, type in your name, email address and a brief description of the issue or any other relevant information. If you are already talking with someone at PredictWind, please include the Support Team member's name.


  • In around 10 seconds, you will see a page similar to the one below. Please copy all the URL text and paste it into a reply email or message back to the PredictWind Support Team member you're speaking with, or include it in your initial message to us.

By default, these URLs are randomly generated and only exist until either you click DISABLE REMOTE SUPPORT or Internet connectivity is lost from the DataHub.

Once our support team has access, they can view the same DataHub menus you see, view logs, and troubleshoot or remotely set up the DataHub. It is a powerful support feature!

Enable Startup on Boot and Persistent Connection - for extended Support access

In the event you're receiving extended support from PredictWind, have fluctuating Internet connectivity, or need help while you are not at the DataHub when it is connected to the Internet, for brief periods, it can be helpful to enable the Start-Up on Boot and Persistent Connection settings before you activate Remote Support. These settings will reactivate Remote Support on the same URLS each time the DataHub boots up.

To do this:

  • Click on the left menu Remote Access.

  • Click on the top menu Settings.

  • Tick Startup on Boot and Persistent Connection.

  • Click SAVE & APPLY.

With those settings saved, please now click on the top menu Remote Access and ENABLE REMOTE SUPPORT to generate the random URLs.

Important Note: When all outstanding issues have been resolved with the PredictWind Support team, and remote access is no longer required, please deactivate these settings and disable Remote Access to secure your DataHub.

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