The DataHub by PredictWind is your gateway to sharing your voyage with friends and family using PredictWind GPS Tracking and Blogs. The DataHub is full of powerful additional features that will make your offshore tracking, data and communications easier than ever.

The DataHub can track, blog, save and broadcast all your onboard data sources including GPS and your NMEA 2000 instrumentation network. Additional features allow you to Broadcast WiFi, Broadcast GPS data via WiFi, Broadcast Wind Data, Log Data, create custom Boat Polars and access Remote Support. Connect the DataHub to an existing internet connection and your vessel's NMEA 2000 network to get started. Internet connections supported are Android or iOS hotspots, USB connected Android or iOS devices, Netgear Aircard, Verizon JetPack, or an ethernet connection to a satellite terminal or vessel router.

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This device is ideally suited for GPS tracking and comes with an internal GPS. To transmit the data back to PredictWind simply connect to any mobile data or high speed satellite service, i.e. a mobile hotspot on your phone, Iridium satellite system or Starlink.

GPS tracking is a key safety feature, where friends and family can see your boat’s position and the speed along your route. For it to be safe, it is paramount the solution is reliable, and so a dedicated GPS tracking device is essential.

Tell your Story
In addition to showing your position to friends and family, you can also post blog posts that correlate with your GPS position. Share the adventure as it happens!

No Communication Costs*
The DataHub connects to your existing mobile or high speed satellite communication device, so no additional monthly subscriptions are required. *Additional airtime charges may apply due to increased data usage.

Accurate GPS
With the DataHub you can use the built-in GPS with stub antenna, or alternatively, connect to the boat NMEA 2000 (N2K) GPS. With your boat’s external GPS antenna above deck, you can be guaranteed accurate GPS position data.

Store & Forward GPS data
If there is no Internet connection available, the Datahub will simply store the GPS data on the device, and then automatically send the data to the PredictWind servers when the unit gets a mobile Internet connection.

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