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DataHub Setup Overview - Before you start
DataHub Setup Overview - Before you start

Essential information before you start setting up your Datahub

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The PredictWind DataHub is a smart device packed with many features; it supports many devices in various configurations. Setting up and installing the DataHub on your vessel and connecting it with all your devices is a lengthy and necessary process involving many steps.

Plan and act ahead; do not wait to install it the week before departure.

You'll need to complete the setup at least a month before your voyage to allow enough time for the installation. Before heading offshore, you must test all your connected devices and Apps together at sea near-shore to become familiar with them.

While the setup does take time, the good news is that the DataHub is set-and-forget. You use your Apps, and the DataHub will work automatically in the background.

Before you start

What is in the box

In the box with a DataHub, you will also receive a 12V 3A power supply with a Type A (US) wall plug and an external stub Active GPS Antenna.

External stub GPS antenna

Please be careful with the external stub Active GPS antenna; it is fragile; it should only be used during home setup or if you do not have an NMEA 2000 instrument. If you have an NMEA GPS, please stow this external antenna aboard as a backup.

DataHub Accessory Kit

As of the 23rd of November 2023, the DataHub now also ships with the following additional accessories:

  • 12v power cable with a 3 Amp fuse for wiring the DataHub directly into the boat.

  • GPS external patch antenna with a 1.8-metre cable. We recommend using this one.

  • Power plug adaptors for UK, Europe and Australia/New Zealand.

Ports on the DataHub

When facing away from you, from left to right on the rear panel, the DataHub includes the following ports:

Port Label

Connector Type




Antenna connector for external GPS antenna provided or other external GPS antenna if you do not have an NMEA 2000 GPS instrument.



NMEA 2000 connector to tee into from an N2K backbone for sharing vessel instrumentation, including GPS data with the DataHub. (Buy an N2K M12 T-Connector Pack if required)



100Mb Ethernet WAN port to connect to your home network router, Starlink or cellular modem.



100Mb Ethernet LAN port for your laptop or desktop.


2.0 Type-A

USB port to tether your iPhone or Android device to share an internet hotspot with the DataHub and connected devices.


2.5 mm x 5.5 mm male jack plug

9-60 VDC with reverse polarity protection. The centre pin is positive. Note: On the power adaptor cable supplied, the black wire is positive, and the wire with a white stripe is negative. Wired into a switch panel it requires a 3 amp fuse.

Set up at home or a location with high-speed Internet

The first three steps of DataHub setup should be completed at home or with access to a high-speed internet connection or your iPhone/Android phone with a USB charging cable.

Set up your Iridium GO! or GO! exec

If you have purchased an Iridium GO! exec or an Iridium GO! please ensure you have completed the GO! exec setup or the GO! setup and tested it before boat installation.

An ultra-low power device with powerful features

The DataHub is an advanced router designed for ultra-low power usage; it has a slow processor. It offers many features, supports many devices and is highly configurable to suit your vessel. PredictWind did not design the operating system. With that in mind:

  • Please be patient when using the DataHub admin website ( It will take time to respond and load.

  • Click Save & Apply to make any changes permanent, and allow up to 10 seconds for the DataHub to complete the request.

  • Please don't worry about the range of menus and configuration settings available. Advanced users and technicians will find these useful, but for most people, we've designed this online help guide to step you through setup as quickly and simply as possible. Please follow these steps.

Are you tech-savvy? - PredictWind Onboarding Support

If you would rate yourself less than a 7/10, we highly recommend you buy the PredictWind Onboarding and book a time with one of our experienced, PredictWind support team experts to guide you through the setup of all your new devices and Apps. We make it a simpler, quicker, and more pleasant experience for you, and we'll ensure everything is set up 100% correctly.

We're confident in the quality and value of the PredictWind Onboarding and offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Customers often comment that it is money well spent. You can buy a PredictWind Onboarding through our Satellite Portal.

Get Started - Move on to Step 1

At home, or with access to a high-speed internet connection and your iPhone/Android phone with USB charging cable, you are ready to get started with Step 1: Firmware Update.

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