Step 1: Firmware Update
A critical first step for the setup of the DataHub
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DataHub Firmware update

It is essential to update the DataHub firmware as we have made several important feature updates and bug fixes.

It is very important that the DataHub maintains the power supply during the firmware update. If the device loses power during the update, it will be damaged beyond repair.

Please note the DataHub does not have a fast processor, as it is designed for ultra-low power usage, so you will need to be patient when changing to a different menu or clicking on buttons. Please allow up to 10 seconds for the DataHub to complete each request.

  • Print this help page, or alternatively display this help page on another device, as you will lose your internet connection when you connect to the DataHub.

  • Plug the DataHub into the AC power supply with the power cord provided. The power supply only comes with a USA adaptor. So you will need an AC adaptor for your country. We did not supply adaptors to keep the cost of the unit economical, and once installed on your boat (DC supply), there is no need for the AC adaptors. NZ/AU customers can bend the AC pins to fit into the local AC sockets. You will notice a blue status LED on the top of the unit illuminates when the unit is correctly powered on.

  • On your laptop (Recommended) or mobile device disconnect from you existing Wifi connection.

  • Connect your laptop (Recommended) or mobile device to the DataHub Wi-Fi network. It will look like PW-Hub-XXXX in the list of available Wi-Fi networks on your device. Be sure to select "Connect Automatically" if this option is shown.

  • Open a Chrome or Safari browser and type in the URL bar.

  • Log in with username admin and password admin.

  • At the bottom right corner of the page, the firmware version will display as HUB-32m V3.XX.

Firmware Upgrade Process

To download the firmware you will need to connect the DataHub to the Internet.

The easiest way to get an Internet connection to the DataHub is to connect your iPhone or Android phone to the DataHub with your USB charging cable. Please see instructions:

NOTE: the iPhone or Android phone cannot be the device that you have used in the previous help steps

If you are having trouble with the iPhone / Android USB cable connection to get an internet connection, you can try these alternative methods;

After connecting the DataHub to the Internet please complete the following steps.

  • From the left menu, select Settings, and from the top menu, select Software UpdateFrom the left menu, select Settings, and from the top menu, select Software Update.

  • Click Check, then Download. Please be patient for the download process to start and complete.

  • This page will be shown as the Firmware is being downloaded.

  • Click Confirm

  • The firmware update takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete. and you will be disconnected from Wi-Fi during the update.

  • The page will say Upgrade in Progress.

  • The firmware update is complete once the PW-Hub-XXXX wifi is available again. You can now reconnect your laptop or mobile device to the DataHub Wi-Fi.

  • Please go back to left menu Settings, then top menu Software updates then click on the Check button to verify you are on the latest version.

You are now ready to move onto Step 2: How to setup GPS tracking

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