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How to Contact PredictWind Support
How to Contact PredictWind Support

How to get more help from the Support team and speak with us

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If you're stuck or need help with any PredictWind Product or Service, please Contact Us in any of the following ways:

  • Use the Help speech bubble on the bottom right-hand corner of this website. This links to our AI Answerbot which can help solve many of the frequently asked questions immediately. At any time, you can request to talk to an agent. When prompted, please type Contact Support and click Connect to an Agent.

  • WhatsApp: +1 209 9894960. Please use the QR code below to set up the PredictWind Whatsapp support number

  • Call Support on any of these phone numbers:

    • Australia: +61 2 4208 5712

    • New Zealand: +64 9 801 8127

    • United Kingdom: +44 20 3936 1730

    • USA: +1 628 899 0038

    • Please call Monday to Friday 8 am - 4 pm (New Zealand Timezone GMT+12/13). Note: All international numbers are answered in NZ. If you can't get through, leave a message, or send us an email including a description of the issue, requesting a callback.

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