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Step 3: How to setup PredictMail
Step 3: How to setup PredictMail

Introduction to PredictMail for the DataHub

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Introduction - What is PredictMail

PredictMail is an essential safety feature for any boat heading offshore. Find out why a regular email service is not cost-effective on the GO! exec, and how PredictMail can save you time and money. You can learn more about PredictMail, or you can register now.

Get Started with PredictMail

PredictMail is best set up at home or another location with a high-speed internet connection. Please have your DataHub, a laptop or desktop computer (recommend) and any mobile devices or tablets you wish to set up on PredictMail within reach.

To get started and set up PredictMail on your DataHub:

  • You must already have purchased a DataHub and set up your PredictMail account in the Satellite Portal. Click here to purchase and set one up if you still need to do so.

  • Power on the DataHub and allow 2-3 minutes for it to boot up.

For the next steps to set up PredictMail on your DataHub and specific guides for all your other devices and supported email clients, please take a look at PredictMail Setup.

Continue to Step 4

If you have already set up PredictMail, or prefer to do this later, you are ready to move on to Step 4: How to install the DataHub on your boat.

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