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How to use GPS Manual Tracking in the Offshore App.
How to use GPS Manual Tracking in the Offshore App.

How to get started with manual tracking for the first time, using the Offshore App.

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We highly recommend using an automated tracking device, such as a DataHub, Iridium GO, YB3i, Inreach, Bivy Stick or Zoleo. Regular tracking updates are essential for safety and rescue coordination.

GPS Manual Tracking using the Offshore App can be achieved on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. The screenshots below are taken using a PC computer, the general principle is the same across all devices, but the look of the App may differ slightly to the screenshots below if you are using Mac, iOS or Android.

To access Manual GPS Tracking, you require the Standard or Professional level of PredictWind forecasting subscription and a GPS tracking page set up by the PredictWind support team. Contact support here for more information.

How to do a manual GPS position report via the Offshore App:

  • Log in to your Offshore App and go to the GPS tracking tab on the left. It should look like this.

  • Select the Green Download button on the left. Make sure you have selected GPS tracking. Nothing else needs to be ticked for now. Click through to Next > Download All.

  • You should now see yourself off the coast of Africa in the Default position set for tracking pages. However, you will now be able to see this icon that lets you add a manual GPS location. If you're in the Offshore App on iPhone/Android, you may need to tap on Show Legend and Blogs first.

    In the Offshore App on Mac or Windows it looks like this:

    Click on the teardrop to add a position.

  • If you are part of a rally, please collapse the list of boats or scroll to the bottom of the list of boats to see it.

  • 5. Click on it to add your current GPS coordinates and time. Select NOW for the current time. Then select Save Point.

  • It will then notify that you have a Tracking Point pending upload/download.

  • Do another Download the same as last time, and your Tracking point will be uploaded and synchronized with the server. Your tracking page will now reflect your updated position for friends and family to see.

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