To reset the Iridium GO! Please do the following steps;

  • Turn on the Iridium GO!

  • Open the external antenna dust cover on the GO! unit.

  • Use a paper clip or similar point, and press gently inside the Restore buttonhole. This is next to the antenna adaptor port. Be careful not to touch/break the antenna adaptor.

  • Follow the screen menu prompts to reset settings to factory defaults.


All previous settings will be lost, the SSID will be reset, and any new users will be deleted.

The username will be reset to guest and the password will be reset to guest for logging in to the Iridium GO! unit.

If you are using the GEOS global emergency response services as your SOS settings you will need to re-enter the GEOS activation code.

If you choose not to use GEOS for your SOS settings, please ensure that the appropriate call and message recipients for SOS are re-entered.

If you are using the PredictWind tracking feature you will need to turn on GPS Tracking again following the instructions here - See Step 2.

Resetting the Iridium GO will not affect the operation of the Offshore App, Iridium GO App or Iridium Mail & Web App.

We have seen the odd case where the Message (Service Center) number is not correctly set up after a system reset. Please check this by connecting your iOS/Android device to the Iridium GO Wi-Fi, Open the Iridium GO App, go to "Settings", then menu "Message". Please check the number is set to+881662900005

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