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How to use the Seasonal Passage Planning Tool
How to use the Seasonal Passage Planning Tool
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When planning your next passage, either locally or offshore, it is essential to know the best time of year to depart by comparing the average wind & wave conditions. This functionality replaces the need for pilot charts, which have traditionally been the go-to tool for passage planning.

You can access this information for any location and passage around the world with PredictWind Local Knowledge.

  • On the main menu tap on Local Knowledge. You can scroll or search an area of interest. We can check an existing passage for seasonal data or create our own passage.

  • First, we will explore an existing passage.

  • Tap on the passage icon on the map

  • Tap on view details

  • Scroll down to seasonal weather statistics, here we will see the average monthly statistics for the current month covering the entire passage. The start, end and 3 evenly spaced way points are averaged to give the seasonal data for the route.

  • Tap on view seasonal weather statistics to compare months.

  • In the table, we can compare monthly averages

  • Tap on a monthly wind rose to see details for that month.

  • We can tap through the next months or previous months.

  • Tap close to exit.

  • Then tap x

  • To add a new Passage, tap the Plus button in local knowledge

  • Tap marine Locations

  • Tap Passage

  • Scroll the map to your start location

  • Tap confirm Location

  • Scroll the map to your end location

  • Confirm location

  • Enter the passage name

  • Country

  • Other details you know about the passage

  • A relevant image or video link

  • Tap continue

  • Choose Public or to a friend's group

  • Then tap save

  • The passage will be saved with your details.

  • Tap view details to check your passage

  • The seasonal weather data can take up to 24hours to be processed and displayed.

  • You can edit the passage, by tapping on edit Location.

  • Tap X to exit the passage

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