If you are experiencing any issues with your iPhone or iPad not connecting to the Iridium GO, check the following troubleshooting tips below.

Firstly, remove the battery from the Iridium GO unit, and set it aside for 5 minutes.

At this time, remove the SIM card and check the contacts are clean and intact. Ensure the SIM card is inserted correctly. After 5 minutes, reassemble the unit, power it up and test again.

Also, take this opportunity to do a full power off/ on your mobile device.

Connection issues can be broken down into three parts:

1/ I get the error message 'No Internet'

2/ My mobile device won't connect to the Iridium GO wifi

3/ My mobile device connects to the Iridium GO wifi but won't log in

1/ I get the error 'No Internet'.

If your Iridium GO and mobile device are paired correctly, it should show Iridium - XXXX 'Connected- No internet'. This is NOT an error. It is simply your mobile device alerting you to the fact the Iridium GO device it is connected to does not a have high-speed connection. This does not mean the Iridium GO is faulty or will not work. The Iridium GO has a data speed of 12kb/ minute. Normal internet is 23,000 kb/ minute.


If your mobile device is not picking up the Iridium Wi-Fi signal, check to ensure the Wi-Fi is turned on in the Iridium GO unit. You need to do this from the LCD screen on the Iridium GO.

  1. Ensure the Iridium GO unit is on (antenna raised) and powered up

  2. Looking at the LCD screen on the front of the Iridium GO unit

  3. Press the left-hand button until you reach Power. Use the right-hand button to Select Power.

  4. If the Wi-Fi is ON, it will say: Set GPS - on-demand / SET Wi-Fi - OFF / Back.

  5. If it says SET Wi-Fi - ON > then please change it to say > SET Wi-Fi -OFF

  6. On your mobile device, go to that device's settings> Turn Wi-Fi off then on. The Iridium Wi-Fi should be visible.

  7. If the Wi-Fi signal keeps disconnecting, another (stronger) wifi network is possibly causing a conflict. Try taking the Iridium Go unit to a more remote location where no other Wi-Fi networks are present and test again.

  8. If you continue to have issues connecting to the Iridium GO WiFi, try a factory reset of the Iridium GO. Full instructions on this process can be found here


  1. Ensure you are connected to the Iridium Wifi, not another Wi-Fi source.

  2. The default login for the Iridium GO! is username 'guest', and password 'guest'. By default, this login has administrator privileges and SHOULD NOT BE CHANGED.

  3. Bluetooth and cellular connections on a mobile device can interfere with the network connection to the Iridium GO. Please turn your device into Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi only. Ensure Bluetooth is turned off.

  4. Turn off or uninstall any AdBlocker or web protection software such as Norton/ McAfree Apps running on your device.

  5. Turn off, but ideally uninstall VPN Apps. To turn off the VPN on your iPhone/ iPad, go to Settings > General > Scroll down to VPN > Ensure it says Not connected. Uninstalling any VPN is preferred, as we have seen VPN Apps override your earlier choice to turn it off in the settings. If you uninstall a VPN, you will need to do a full restart of the device and Iridium GO before attempting to connect again.

  6. Ensure you only have 1 device connected to the Iridium GO!, Multiple devices trying to use the Iridium GO! connection causes problems.

  7. Ensure you have a direct connection to the Iridium GO! Wifi - no other networking devices such as a Wifi or LAN router.

  8. On an iPad/iPhone go to your iOS settings > Wifi > Click on Iridium-XXXXX. At the bottom, select HTTP Proxy and click on the "Off" button.

  9. On an iPad/ iPhone that has upgraded to iOS14, ensure 'Local Network' is turned on. Go to your device Settings > Scroll down the page until you see the Iridium Go App/ Iridium Mail App and Offshore App > Open each App Settings > Turn ON Local Network.

  10. On your iPad/ iPhone Offshore App, if you get the error message 'Could not connect to the Iridium GO, please check the IP address and Wifi connection' Go to your iPad/ iPhone device > Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Iridium Go App/ Iridium Mail App/ Offshore App> Turn on Local Network for each App.

  11. On your phone Go to your device Settings > Apple ID > Tap on 'iCloud + Feature Updates' > Ensure Private Relay (Beta) is toggled OFF.

  12. If your mobile device keeps trying to switch from the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi to another network, ensure that all your saved network connections have "auto-reconnect" set to not auto-reconnect/ not auto-join. Otherwise, if your device believes there is a "better" network available than your current network, it may decide to switch to it. Go to your mobile device > Settings > > Wifi > Choose a network > Ensure Auto -Join is turned Off.

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