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Iridium GO! Firmware Update (v2.1.22) & Apps with Time/Date Fix
Iridium GO! Firmware Update (v2.1.22) & Apps with Time/Date Fix

Update the Iridium GO! firmware to fix the 2014 time date issue

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Iridium has released a new Iridium GO firmware, version 2.1.22 on the 5th of October 2021. This release includes an update to fix an incorrect time/date issue showing the year 2014 for both the Iridium GO! device and the Iridium GO! app.

This issue has not affected everyone and does not affect the functionality of the device/app in any manner. Calls, Data, SMS, SOS and tracking still operate normally. Only instances where a message (quick GPS, tracking, SOS) contains a date/time, will have an incorrect time/date. Ordering of messages in the Iridium GO! app may be out of order, as well as missed voice calls.

Upgrading the device to the new firmware version 2.1.22 and updating the Iridium GO App on your mobile device will resolve these issues.

The Iridium GO! App for iOS (v1.6.33) and Android (v1.6.20) must also be updated on your devices to completely fix any time/date issues. You can find the latest Iridium GO! App on the AppStore/Google PlayStore.

Please see the article and video here, or follow the steps below to update the firmware on your Iridium GO! unit.

The Iridium GO! device contains an internal website portal that can be used to upgrade the firmware. You will need a Laptop (PC or Mac) and a high-speed internet connection to download the Firmware file. NOTE: Updating the firmware cannot be done on a mobile device or tablet.


  1. Download the Firmware (50MB file) from this link.

  2. If your computer asks what folder to save the Firmware file to, choose 'Desktop'. Once this file has been downloaded, you do NOT need to open the file. Go straight to Step 3.

  3. Connect your PC or Mac to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi.

  4. Open an internet browser (recommend Chrome) and enter in the address bar. Press Enter on your keyboard and log in with an administrator account (by default password “guest” & username "guest").

  5. Go to the System tab (top right) and select the Firmware file to upload. It should be in the Desktop or Downloads folder.

  6. Once complete, you will need to do another power off/on of the Iridium GO!


All previous settings will be lost, the SSID will be reset, and any new users will be deleted.

The username will be reset to guest and the password will be reset to guest for logging in to the Iridium GO! unit.

If you are using the GEOS global emergency response services as your SOS settings you will need to re-enter the GEOS activation code.

If you choose not to use GEOS for your SOS settings, please ensure that the appropriate call and message recipients for SOS are re-entered.

Resetting the Iridium GO will not affect the operation of the Offshore App, Iridium GO App or Iridium Mail & Web App.

We have seen the odd case where the Message (Service Center) number is not correctly set up after a system reset/ firmware update. Please check this by connecting your iOS/Android device to the Iridium GO Wi-Fi, Open the Iridium GO App, go to "Settings", then menu "Message". Please check the number is set to+881662900005

Please contact with any questions.

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