AI Generated GMDSS Map
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You can now view the GMDSS text forecast, visually, on any of our weather maps. Simply open the forecast options menu and turn the GMDSS on, or off.

The text forecasts are analysed in the PredictWind cloud and then each weather system, front and warning region is plotted accurately on the map, giving you a world-first, global view of the GMDSS forecast.

Click on any of the GMDSS features to see a description of the warning, clicking/tapping the description text will also open the full GMDSS text forecast which produced the warning.

Supported GMDSS Feature




Tropical Depression (gale force strength 34-48knots)

Tropical Cyclone (cyclone force strength, 64 knots+)




Gale Strength (34-48kn) Area

Storm Strength (48-64kn) Area

Cyclone Strength (64kn+) Area

There are additional warning types that have not yet been trained into the AI. We intend to support all GMDSS warning types in the future.

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