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Iridium GO! exec Setup
Step 1: Fully charge the GO exec and download the Apps
Step 1: Fully charge the GO exec and download the Apps
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Before you start

Set up at home or a location with high-speed Internet

It is simpler and quicker to set up at home, or anywhere you can access high-speed Internet. Please have all your devices together so you can download the Apps, set them up, and test them in one go.

Fully charge your Iridium GO! exec device to 100%

Before using the device, it must be charged fully (100%) using the USB-C wall charger plugged directly into a wall power socket. Plug the USB-C cable into the second USB-C port on the device, as shown below.

Important Note - Deep Sleep

Please wait until Step 3 to power on the device. Your Iridium GO exec device is shipped to you in Deep Sleep mode. To power it up the first time, lift the Internal antenna. If it does not power on, long-press the touchscreen power button for up to 15 seconds.

Next, please install the Iridium GO! exec App and PredictWind Offshore App on all your devices, including laptops, phones and tablets.

Install the Iridium GO exec App

The Iridium GO exec App is only available for iOS and Android devices. It has all the control settings for the Iridium GO exec, including software updates. It allows your mobile to become a handset for voice calls when connected to the Iridium GO exec device via Wi-Fi.

Open your mobile or device's camera and scan the QR code below to download the iOS or Android Iridium GO exec App. Alternatively, open the links below or search the App Store or Play Store for Iridium GO exec.

Install the PredictWind Offshore App

The PredictWind Offshore App is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and PC. It can be used with high-speed Internet, cellular, or satellite communication devices. We recommend you first use and practice using the the Offshore App via a high-speed Internet connection, such as Wi-Fi or cellular.

This App downloads GRIB files, weather routing, departure planning, and has all the great PredictWind features. It connects directly to the Iridium GO exec for fast and easy direct satellite downloads. The PredictWind App uses too much data, making it unsuitable for use with the Iridium GO exec. The PredictWind Offshore App compresses all weather data, so it is the best and only cost-effective way to download weather data.

Open your mobile or device's camera and scan the QR code below to download the iOS or Android PredictWind Offshore Weather App.

Alternatively, learn more and download the PredictWind Offshore App for other devices, including MacOS, Windows, Chromebook, and Raymarine.

Important Notes - GO exec use

  • Do not connect your GO exec to the Internet using the default Web/App Profile All Open, as this may result in unexpected data transfer and bill shock.

  • The Offshore App manages connectivity with the GO exec to download weather GRIBs and routes directly. This guide explains how to use the PredictWind Offshore App in Step 10. Please follow this guide to Step 10 before using the GO exec and Offshore App.

Confirm your PredictWind Subscription

Access to PredictWind forecast data with your Iridium GO! exec is only available using the Offshore App from PredictWind with a Standard or Professional level of PredictWind forecast subscription. If unsure, click here to check your account and upgrade if required.

Move on to Step 2

You are now ready to move on to Step 2: Activate the Iridium GO! exec SIM card.

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