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Iridium GO! exec Setup
Step 2: Activate the Iridium GO! exec SIM card
Step 2: Activate the Iridium GO! exec SIM card
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Activate the Iridium GO! exec SIM card

Before you can connect your Iridium GO! exec to the Iridium satellite network to communicate you will need to select your plan, activate the SIM card and insert it into the Iridium GO! exec.

Go to the PredictWind Satellite Portal to activate your GO! exec SIM card.

You need the SIM card ID and IMEI code for this process.

  • The SIM card ID is printed on the SIM card.

  • The IMEI code is printed on the back of the unit.

As you step through the sim activation process you will be offered a choice of six airtime plans. For most users, we recommend the GO! exec 50 monthly plan, or the GO exec yearly 600 plan. When you have selected your plan and made payment the SIM card will become active within 10 minutes.

Please note: Iridium GO! SIM cards do not work with the Iridium GO! exec

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