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Step 3: Iridium GO exec setup and software update
Step 3: Iridium GO exec setup and software update
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Please watch this video to set up your GO exec and install the Iridium App.

Important Notes

  • Insert the sim card with the gold contact points facing down.

  • Push the SIM in all the way with your fingertip until you hear a click sound. When you release it, the SIM card should sit flush inside the slot (click image to enlarge).

  • Plug the GO exec into a wall socket with the supplied charger and charge it to 100% before powering it on.

  • Go outside. Find a clear view of the sky and the horizon before powering it on.

  • To power on the GO exec, lift the internal antenna or connect it to an external antenna, then gently tap and hold the power button for up to 15 seconds.

  • Connect your device with Wi-Fi to the GO! exec. Use your camera to scan the QR code, or manually connect to the Iridium Wi-Fi network using your device's Wi-Fi settings and the password: password

Connecting the GO exec App

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi must be enabled to connect the GO exec App to your device. Your device must also be connected to Iridium Wi-Fi. All VPNs on your device must be disabled.

Configure iPhone/iPad Wi-Fi Settings

  • Tap the blue i to configure the Wi-Fi settings.

  • Enable Low Data Mode.

  • Disable Private Wi-Fi Address and Limit IP Address Tracking.

  • Wait 5 seconds after disabling Private Wi-Fi to ensure it does not automatically enable itself again. If it will not remain off after being disabled, please see this article for steps to Disable Private Relay.

  • Upon opening, the Iridium App will prompt you to Allow Local Network. Tap Allow.

  • If your iPhone/iPad will not connect to the GO exec, please see this article.

Firmware Update

When the App first connects to the GO exec, it checks the device's Firmware and prompts you to update it if required. Tap Update Now. Please see How to update the Iridium GO! exec App and device firmware for full Firmware update instructions.

Move on to Step 4

If you have successfully installed the GO exec App, updated the Firmware, and connected your mobile or tablet, congratulations! You are ready to move on to Step 4: Iridium GO exec test call.


Error Message "Please connect to the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi"

If your iOS or Android device cannot connect using the QR code displayed on the GO exec, please open your device's Wi-Fi settings, select the Iridium Wi-Fi network and use the default password, which is: password

Error Message "Bluetooth is not connected"

If your GO exec App displays that Bluetooth is not connected or your mobile device alerts you with this message. Please disable Bluetooth on your phone and force close the GO exec App. After 10 seconds, re-enable Bluetooth and reopen the App.

If this does not work, please restart your mobile device, check that Bluetooth is enabled and your phone is connected to Iridium Wi-Fi, and reopen the App.

Your device does not need to pair with the GO exec for Bluetooth to connect. It uses a different method. You will not see the GO exec to pair with in Bluetooth settings.

The GO exec App will work if you are connected directly to Iridium Wi-Fi or via DataHub Wi-Fi if the DataHub is connected.

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