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GO exec App will not connect to the device
GO exec App will not connect to the device

What to do if your phone, tablet or iPad won't connect to the GO exec

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If your iOS or Android device is unable to connect using the App, and the App status bar displays "Please connect to the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi", you can connect directly by opening your device's Wi-Fi settings, selecting the Iridium Wi-Fi network and using the default password, which is: password

If you are already connected to the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi and the App still displays this message on your iOS device, please force close and reopen the App. Wait 10s for the App to connect to the GO exec. If you have used another device to connect to the GO exec before, try using that to check. This will isolate the settings of your device as the issue.

To troubleshoot device-specific issues, please check your phone/tablet settings:

  • Bluetooth is enabled.

  • Wi-Fi is still connected to Iridium-xxxxxx. This can change without notification.

  • Disable Wi-Fi options for Limited IP Address Tracking and Private Wi-Fi. Please wait 5 seconds after disabling Private Wi-Fi in case it automatically reenables. You may need to disable it several times before the setting will be fixed.

    If you cannot disable Private Wi-Fi reliably, please turn off Private Relay under Settings->Your Apple ID (at the top) >iCloud >iCloud+ >Private Relay.

  • Disable any active VPN Apps under Settings >VPN. Please wait at least 5 seconds in case it automatically reenables.

    If you see any VPN Apps further down the VPN page with installed profiles, please open their App and Disable them in App too. VPN Apps such as AdBlocker will not allow you to disable them in the Apple Settings menu; you must disable or uninstall the App in the App itself.

  • Check that Local Network is enabled. You can find this by opening Settings->Iridium GO exec or Settings->Privacy->Local Network and checking that Iridium GO exec is enabled.

  • Turn on Flight Mode, then enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Reconnect to Iridium Wi-Fi.

  • Force restart your iPhone. On recent iPhones, this can be done by quickly pressing:

    • Volume up key

    • Volume down key

  • Press and hold the right side button a long time until the Apple Logo appears

    An illustration of two iPhone models, one with a Home button and one without, with the screens facing up. The volume buttons for each model are on the left side of iPhone, and the side button is on the right.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the GO exec App. When it first opens again, Allow all requested settings, including Bluetooth, Camera, Microphone, Contacts and Local Network.

  • Factory Reset the GO exec on the touchscreen under the Settings Cog >Admin Settings >Erase all data and settings. Do not enable storage mode.

If none of the above works, please contact PredictWind Support for further assistance.

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