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GO exec is not connected to Bluetooth
GO exec is not connected to Bluetooth

Troubleshooting GO exec bluetooth connection with your mobile device

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Go exec error Message "Bluetooth is not connected"

If your GO exec App displays that Bluetooth is not connected or your mobile device alerts you with this message. Please disable Bluetooth on your phone, force close the GO exec App, then re-enable Bluetooth and reopen the GO exec App.

If this doesn't work, please restart your mobile device, check Bluetooth is enabled and your phone is not in Flight Mode, and then reopen the GO exec App.

You don't need to pair your device with the GO exec for Bluetooth to connect. Your device cannot see the GO exec to pair with in the Bluetooth device settings.

If you can connect your device to GO exec Wi-Fi or via a DataHub, which is connected to GO exec Wi-Fi, you can still use the App to connect to the device.

Disable Limit IP Address Tracking

On iOS devices, you may also need to disable "Limit IP Address Tracking" in the iPhone's Iridium Wi-Fi network settings so your Iridium GO! exec App can connect to the device.

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