Step 4: Iridium GO exec test call

Make a free test call with your GO exec to try voice calling

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When the GO exec powers on, the touchscreen shows a solid RED light and then flashes RED until the SIM card is registered on the network. Once registered, the pulsing RED light changes colour to GREEN.

When the LED light pulses GREEN, your GO exec is ready to make and receive phone calls or connect to the Internet.

If you cannot see a GREEN pulsing LED you may need to power off the GO exec, move to a location with a clear view of the sky and horizon, and power it on again.

Please see this article for a full list of all GO exec LED lights and error codes and this article for troubleshooting steps. Ground Control, PredictWind's network provider, has written a helpful article that explains what a clear view of the sky means.

Make a test call

Check the Status bar at the top of the Iridium GO! exec app. You are ready to make a test call when you see the following:

  • A satellite connection with at least four signal bars.

  • A solid white Bluetooth logo indicating Bluetooth is connected.

  • A fully charged battery.

  • The LED light on the GO exec touchscreen is pulsing green.

Iridium Free test call Service

Iridium offers a free test call service to check that your satellite device and mobile or tablet are connected and can make calls successfully.

Please call +1 480 752 5105 and listen to the voice recording. If your test call is successful, congratulations! You are ready to move to Step 5 - How to use the PredictWind Offshore App.

Move on to Step 5

If you have successfully made a test call, congratulations! You are ready to move on to Step 5: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App.

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