GO exec touchscreen overview

Guide to the icons and status information displayed on the GO exec touchscreen

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The GO exec touchscreen includes a colour touchscreen which is 10cm wide. The device also includes a speaker and two microphones, allowing the device to be used for making or receiving calls from the unit.

The touchscreen includes 12 icons, which will change status depending on the unit's current configuration and coverage.

GO exec Status Bar Overview

The GO exec touchscreen includes a permanent status bar at the top, which includes the Satellite modem status and coverage strength, current device status and battery level indicator.

1. Satellite modem state (on/off)

Indicates whether the satellite modem is turned on or not. The modem will always be on except in cases where the Iridium GO! exec is attempting to operate outside its temperature range. Up to five coloured yellow bars will be displayed, indicating the current satellite signal strength.

For best performance, please check the unit is consistently displaying 4-5 bars of coverage strength. If the signal bars frequently dip below 3 bars, please buy or connect an external antenna or reposition the unit with a clear sky view to achieve better coverage.

When using the internal antenna, INT will display above the coverage bars in the touchscreen or App. When connected to the external antenna, EXT is displayed.

2. Voice call activity (Line 1, Line 2)

Indicates if a line is being used or not.

3. Voice mail available

Indicates there is voicemail available for one or two lines.

4. Iridium Network registration status (Registered / Not Registered)

Indicates whether or not the Iridium GO! exec has been able to communicate with the Iridium satellite network. When an antenna is available, the Iridium GO! exec will always attempt to connect to the Iridium satellite network where possible. The status bar will indicate the device is Not Registered by displaying an X icon.

5. Internet session status

The Internet session status will show Connected with a green tick whenever an Application User or Device user starts an Internet session. The white X indicates data is not connected. A red minus - symbol indicates an Internet Connection is not currently active.

6. Wi-Fi status (on/off)

The administrator can turn the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi on and off from the Device.

7. Number of Wi-Fi devices connected to the Iridium GO! exec Wi-Fi.

8 & 9. The charging status and level of the battery

Indicates with a lightning bolt if the device is connected to a power source and any battery faults. If not connected to power, it will display the current charge percentage level of the device battery.

10. Active SOS status

The Device shows active SOS status irrespective of the trigger source.

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