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Step 10: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App
Step 10: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App
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How to use the PredictWind Offshore App

The PredictWind Offshore App has been specifically designed to work with the Iridium GO! exec to compress data, and optimize data usage, so you can seamlessly receive forecast data.

Important Note: When connected to the Iridium GO! exec via Wi-Fi, the Offshore App will automatically open an Internet connection on the GO! exec using the "All Blocked" profile, download your requested data and disconnect when it is finished.

You do not need to open an Internet connection session on the GO! exec through the Iridium GO! exec App to use the Offshore App.

Please learn more about the Offshore App and download it on this page.

Congratulations! If you have followed all steps, you will have completed the Iridium GO! exec, DataHub, and Offshore App setup and installation.

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