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GO exec the Offshore App is not working
GO exec the Offshore App is not working

Troubleshooting steps for the Offshore App with the GO exec

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If you're unable to download GRIBs or plan routes in the Offshore App, please check these potential issues and resolutions below.

Is your GO exec SIM registered on the Satellite network?

When the GO exec powers on, it will look for a satellite signal and use its transceiver to register your SIM card on the network so you can use the device to make calls and download data. If, after 30-40 seconds, it is unable to do it, the GO exec will put the transceiver to sleep, and it will not attempt registration again. You may still see bars of signal rising and falling but you will not be able to use the GO exec to download in the Offshore App.

When the GO exec powers on, the touchscreen will show a solid RED light which will then flash RED until the SIM is registered on the network. Once registered, the pulsing RED light will change colour to GREEN.

If you see a RED pulsing light, you can wake up the transceiver again by lowering the Internal Antenna, tapping Cancel to stop the automatic shut down, then lifting it again, or, power off and power on the device again.

A full list of all GO exec lights and error codes is available here.

Is your GO exec already connected to the Internet?

To download in the Offshore App the GO exec must be DISCONNECTED from the Internet with the Web/App Profile set to ALL BLOCKED.

On the download page of the Offshore App you should see 3-5 bars of satellite coverage and the Status should be Ready to Connect.

If you see coverage bars and the Status is already CONNECTED, tap the touchscreen of the GO exec, tap the globe Internet icon, then tap DISCONNECT. Check the Web/App profile selected is ALL BLOCKED.

For App-specific instructions about how to connect correctly in the Offshore App please see the article Step 10: How to use the PredictWind Offshore App article here.

Is your Offshore App up to date?

PredictWind updates the Offshore App frequently to add new features and support for new plans. If you have subscribed to the GO! exec Unlimited Plan, please note you must be using Offshore App v 7.0 or later for it to work.

Download the Offshore App here to ensure you're using the latest version.

To check the version you have, open the Offshore App and look in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Have you turned on the Admin Pin?

If you have enabled an Admin Pin on the Iridium GO! exec, this will affect the Offshore App connection to the GO! exec and stop the GRIB downloads. To disable the Admin Pin, on the Iridium GO! exec touchscreen:

  • Tap the Settings wheel.

  • Tap Admin settings

  • Tap Admin PIN

  • Where Enable Admin Pin is enabled in blue, tap to set it to Disabled.

  • Tap the checkmark in the bottom centre of the GO! exec touch screen to apply this setting.

The Iridium GO! exec supports an administrator PIN to prevent key features from being controlled by anyone other than the Device Administrator. By default, the Admin PIN is disabled, and we recommend it remains OFF.

Please NOTE if you forget the user PIN, you will need to Factory Reset the Iridium GO! exec unit.

Is the Iridium GO! exec in an all-blocked profile?

The Offshore App automatically opens and closes the firewall on the exec from the all-blocked web profile. When downloading a GRIB via the exec, make sure you select the GO! exec tab on the final download page in the Offshore App, and your Iridium GO! exec web profile is all blocked.

Check local network is turned on

  1. On an iPad/iPhone please go to your iOS settings > Wifi > Click on Iridium-XXXXX. At the bottom select HTTP Proxy and click on the "Off" button.

  2. On an iPad/ iPhone that has upgraded to iOS14 or above, ensure 'Local Network' is turned on. Go to your device Settings > Scroll down the page until you see the Iridium GO! exec App / Offshore App > Open each App Settings > Turn ON Local Network.

  3. On your iPad/ iPhone Offshore App if you get the error message 'Could not connect to the Iridium GO! exec, please check the IP address and Wifi connection' Go to your iPad/ iPhone device > Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Iridium GO! exec App/ Offshore App> Turn on Local Network for each App.

Do you have any VPN (Virtual Private Network) or Ad Blocker software?

Turn off or uninstall any Ad Blocker or virus protection Apps running on your device. If turning it off does not work, you will need to uninstall it.

Turn off, but ideally uninstall VPN Apps. Uninstalling any VPN is preferred, as we have seen VPN Apps override your earlier choice to turn it OFF in the settings. If you uninstall a VPN you will need to do a full restart of the device and Iridium GO! exec before attempting to connect again.

Do you have "Limit IP Address Tracking" enabled when your iOS device connects to the GO! exec Wi-Fi?

Please disable "Limit IP Address Tracking" in the iPhone's Iridium Wi-Fi network settings so that The Offshore App can establish a connection to the device. To do this:

  • Tap the circled blue i button

  • Tap to disable "Limit IP Address Tracking"

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