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Iridium GO exec
GO exec "No Data/Voice provisioned" shown on touchscreen
GO exec "No Data/Voice provisioned" shown on touchscreen
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If the Iridium GO exec touchscreen or App displays the error message "No Data/Voice Provisioned", please check if:

1. The SIM card is inserted correctly

To insert the SIM card correctly into the Iridium GO exec:

  • The 'gold' chip contact side must face down, and the white side faces up, with the corner cut off towards the paddle antenna.

  • Insert the SIM fully and push gently until you hear a soft click. You may need to use your fingernail.

  • Check the edge of the SIM card sits flush in the socket. If you can remove the sim card without pushing it in first, it needs to be re-inserted correctly.

2. The SIM card has been activated

SIM cards must be activated through the PredictWind Satellite portal before they will work. This includes choosing a GO exec monthly plan. Please review Step 2: Activate the Iridium GO! exec SIM card for activation instructions.

3. Find coverage or connect an external antenna. Lower and raise the internal antenna

At power on, the Iridium GO exec must be able to find Iridium satellite signal strength.

If the device is started up inside a vessel or indoors using the internal antenna, it may not be able to find a signal. After a time, sim card registration will fail, and the transceiver will disconnect. Even if you move into coverage and the touchscreen or App displays a full signal later, you cannot connect.

To reconnect the transceiver and trigger it to attempt sim-card registration on the satellite network again:

  • Lower the internal antenna.

  • Tap Cancel on the touchscreen to prevent auto-shutdown.

  • Move outside to an area with coverage or connect an external antenna.

  • Raise the internal antenna again.

4. Reboot the Iridium GO exec

Please power off the device and power it on again with the external antenna connected or where the internal antenna can find good signal strength. i.e. outdoors with a clear view of the sky.

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