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GO exec How to update the Iridium GO exec App and device firmware
GO exec How to update the Iridium GO exec App and device firmware

How to update the GO exec App and Firmware

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To update your Iridium GO exec app and device firmware to the latest versions:

Before you start

  • Disconnect the GO exec from any active satellite connection session and disconnect your mobile device from the GO exec Wi-Fi or DataHub.

  • Important: To avoid bill shock, update at home or somewhere you can access high-speed Wi-Fi or cellular data. App updates exceed 100mb, so any attempt to download it through your GO exec will be slow, expensive, and likely unsuccessful as the connection may drop.

  • Open the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android) on your mobile device.


  • In the App Store, tap your Profile icon in the top-right corner.

  • Tap Purchased, or if part of a family group, first tap My Purchases.

  • Scroll down to the Iridium GO! exec App.

  • Tap the Iridium GO! exec app icon, do not tap the OPEN button.

  • Tap UPDATE.


  • Open the Play Store and tap your Profile icon.

  • Tap Manage apps and device.

  • Tap the Manage heading and Updates available subheading.

  • Tap the Iridium GO! exec app ico

  • Tap UPDATE.

To update your Iridium GO exec firmware:

  • Return to your mobile device's home screen.

  • Reconnect to GO Exec Wi-Fi or your DataHub Wi-Fi if it is connected to the GO! Exec.

  • Open the Iridium GO! exec App.

  • Tap Update Now. A new firmware update will now be copied from the App to the GO Exec. This will take approximately 3-5 minutes. Please keep the App open for the duration of the software update.

  • When the Firmware has transferred successfully, the GO exec will play an audio notification to let you know it is rebooting. Tap OK.

  • Once rebooted, the GO exec will install the firmware update automatically. This will take approximately 3-5 minutes. The App will show the software update in progress.

  • When completed, the App will display a message, and the device will restart.

    To see the new Firmware and re-establish your device's connection to the Iridium GO exec, you may need to exit the App, reconnect to the Wi-Fi, and reopen it.

  • If you have updated the Firmware to install and configure a PredictWind External Iridium Antenna, you can click here to configure your GO exec to use it.

    Quick Tips

  • If you cannot connect your Iridium GO exec app to the device while connected on Wi-Fi directly or through the DataHub, force close the App, turn off your device's Wi-Fi, turn it back on, reconnect, and open it again.

  • To check your GO exec Firmware, open the App then:

    • Tap the Settings wheel.

    • Tap Device Settings.

    • Tap Admin Settings.

    • Swipe down and tap Device Info.

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