GO exec how to change the WiFi channel
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GO exec how to change the Wifi Channel

It is important to change the channel on the Iridium GO exec WiFi if you have multiple devices on your boat using the same WiFi channel.

  • To change the channel open the Iridium GO exec App.

  • Tap the Settings wheel

NOTE: The Admin PIN must be entered to access the Admin settings if the Admin PIN has been enabled.

  • Tap Device Settings

  • Tap Admin Settings

  • Tap Wi-Fi Settings

  • Tap to change the Wi-Fi channel to a number that is not being used. The DataHub displays the WiFi channel in the drop-down list of all the available WiFi networks.

NOTE: Changing any of the above settings will cause the Iridium GO! exec to reboot and the Iridium GO! exec App to be disconnected.

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