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Iridium GO! Do I need a DataHub?
Iridium GO! Do I need a DataHub?

Why the DataHub is a great companion device with your Iridium GO!

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You can do most functions with just the Iridium GO; however, the DataHub has some great features to add to the Iridium GO.

Maintain Tracking without Iridium GO! Airtime active

When cruising coastal, the DataHub will continue to track and store your positions if you don't have the Iridium GO airtime active. The DataHub can connect via a USB tether or Wi-Fi hotspot to keep your tracking live in real-time or store your positions and upload them when you next connect via Cellular, USB tether, GO! or another high-speed Wi-Fi such as at the marina.

Connect to NMEA2000 / N2K Network

You can connect the DataHub to your N2K network. This allows your tracking position reports to include the TWS and TWD from your boat sent to your tracking page display.

Broadcast NMEA2000 / N2K data over Wi-Fi

The DataHub can broadcast N2K data over DataHub Wi-Fi and via the Ethernet LAN port, so if your chart plotter stops working, you can use a laptop or tablet as a backup navigation device.

If you have AIS connected to your N2K, that data will be displayed also.

Boat Polars

The DataHub samples your boat's NMEA 2000 instrumentation data in real-time while the boat is sailing. Then, the data is transferred to PredictWind servers for automated analysis to create your custom boat polar.

Accurate polars, which are performance metrics specific to your boat, are critical for meaningful results in the PredictWind Weather Routing and Departure Planning features.

AIS Data

The DataHub collects AIS data from all surrounding vessels and transmits this back to the PredictWind servers to improve the quality and safety of AIS data worldwide. The DataHub also transmits your AIS data feed to compatible devices onboard and connected via DataHub Wi-Fi.

Please take a look at this page for more information about the features offered by the DataHub.

The PredictWind Help Centre DataHub collection also includes detailed articles about how to set up and use these great features.

It's an ideal companion device for the Iridium GO! We highly recommend you buy one for your boat.

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