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DataHub can I connect it to an Actisense NGW1
DataHub can I connect it to an Actisense NGW1

How to connect an Actisense NGW1 to the DataHub

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Yes, as the Actisense NGW1 device outputs NMEA2000 or N2K data, it will be able to connect to the DataHub.

You may need to buy an N2K starter kit to create an N2K backbone and a tee to connect the DataHub.

If you only require an additional NMEA2000 M12 cable and tee to connect to an existing N2K network, PredictWind has these available to buy in the shop.

If you'd like to learn more or see an NGW1 in action on an NMEA2000 network, please see this YouTube video from Pacific Yacht Systems: Installing an NMEA 2000 Backbone on a Boat.

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