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More information about why the GO exec external antenna cable is 5m long

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You can buy an Iridium GO! exec™ LITE Antenna Kit from PredictWind, which is 5m long.

We did ask for a longer cable, and we know it's not an ideal length; however, unfortunately, a longer cable cannot be used due to the specifications of the Iridium GO! exec unit.

Iridium is very specific, with the maximum 5m cable length for the LMR 400 Iridium GO! exec cable. This is due to stringent certification requirements to ensure compliance with the Iridium network specification and regulatory compliance. Operating outside the spec would require additional retries and degrade the signal strength, leading to reduced up/download speeds. Increasing the cable length would also require increased power on the satellites Iridium provides and monitors. Iridium can identify units operating out of spec and, if necessary, block those devices.

We recommend installing the antenna on the pushpit of your boat and then mounting the unit in a dry locker/lazarette close enough to allow the maximum 5-meter cable. You can then use any length of ethernet cable to connect the DataHub to the exec or connect the DataHub to the exec via Wi-Fi. The DataHub will become the Wi-Fi hotspot to which you can connect all your devices.

Please click here to buy an Iridium GO! exec™ LITE Antenna Kit from PredictWind.

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