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Iridium GO! exec Setup
Step 7: How to install and use the GO! exec
Step 7: How to install and use the GO! exec
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You must mount the Iridium GO! exec and the external antenna firmly and correctly to ensure a strong satellite connection and signal.

The Iridium GO! exec needs an unobstructed, clear view of the sky and horizon, away from radio frequency interference of marinas and port authorities. It may be necessary to take the boat away from the harbour (1NM) to test the connection thoroughly.

Please read all the important information below before running any cables for the external antenna, power source, voltage, mounting, GPS signal etc. as most likely, it will answer any questions. It is recommended to read this article on a computer with a large screen.

GO! exec installation


  • Find a dry location for the Iridium GO! exec inside the vessel away from direct sunlight. Exposure to high temperatures under a spray dodger and bimini can result in overheating and battery damage.

  • If possible, install the GO! exec in a location you can see and use the touchscreen. Note the internal antenna will only work in a vertical position, close to a window and high in the cockpit, so the satellite and GPS signals can penetrate the ceiling if it is fibreglass.

  • The internal antenna is unlikely to work inside the boat, in most cases you will need an external antenna. Mounting instructions for an external antenna are the next step. Test a location for the GO! exec and external antenna first before fixing them.

  • Avoid installing the GO! exec close proximity to instrument panels which may cause radio frequency interference.

  • The Iridium GO! exec includes a plastic case with a friction fit. PredictWind recommends screwing this lid to a flat surface in the cabin area such as a dry locker/lazaret, or on a shelf. Insert the Iridium GO! exec into it with the touchscreen facing upwards.

Important notes for vertical installation:

  • Fixed vertically to a bulkhead with the touchscreen facing outwards, the GO! exec can easily fall out of the plastic case, damaging the device or external satellite connector.

  • To install the GO! exec vertically you must securely strap the device to the bulkhead using velcro or a similar method.


  • The Iridium GO! exec device utilizes a negative ground system. When using a DC power source, such as a car or boat, the power system must be a negative ground system. Do not use the device with positive ground systems. Failure to properly ground the Iridium GO! exec could cause fire or could cause the device to fail so that it is unavailable in an emergency situation, preventing or delaying emergency response.

  • Use the Iridium GO! exec device with Iridium-supplied power accessories ONLY. The use of non-Iridium-supplied power accessories could result in exposing the device to excessive voltage, which could cause fire or could cause the device to fail so that it is unavailable in an emergency situation, preventing or delaying an emergency response.

PredictWind recommended vessel network and product electrical wiring diagram

Please review the diagram below on a computer with a large monitor so you can refer to it easily. Click on the image to open it in a new browser tab or click here to download a PDF version as this may be easier to zoom and resize next to your browser as you read through the next steps.

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