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User Manual for the Iridium GO!

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Fast-track your PredictWind GO exec setup

If you bought your Iridium GO! from PredictWind and are setting it up, we strongly recommend you refer to the PredictWind GO! Setup guide.

We have carefully crafted this interactive guide to "fast-track" you through device setup and physical installation on your vessel.

It includes practical advice for offshore voyages plus all the tips and tricks our team of experienced sailors have learned over the years while supporting customers to have the best experience using offshore satellite communications devices with PredictWind's Apps and other Products such as the Offshore App, DataHub and PredictMail.

PredictWind maintains and updates this setup guide to always reflect the current best practices we recommend.

Iridium User Manual PDF - safety backup download

As a safety measure, however, you can also download and print the Iridium GO! manual to have aboard while offshore in an emergency.

You can download the attached Iridium GO! User Manual PDF file.

We do not recommend referring to the Iridium GO! manual to set up your device because it is general and has not been explicitly written for PredictWind customers using a PredictWind GO exec sim card, monthly plan, Apps or other Products to step you through setup in the correct order to work with PredictWind's Apps or Products.

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