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How to change the IP address of the DataHub
How to change the IP address of the DataHub

How to change the IP address of the DataHub to or to match your network

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The IP address can be set to any IP address and subnet you wish. Before deciding to change the DataHub IP, please check if connecting your other equipment to the DataHub via the Ethernet WAN port would achieve the same effect more simply. When connected to Ethernet WAN, the DataHub receives an assigned DHCP address from your server, e.g. Peplink or Starlink routers.

If you already use the WAN port for another device, such as a GO exec, and require two WAN ports on the DataHub, please install the LAN2WAN2 Profile available under Settings->Profiles. Please read more about Profiles here.

To change the IP address of the DataHub, please:

  • Log in to the DataHub with the username and password: superadmin

  • Click on Network->Interfaces.

  • On the LAN profile, click Edit.

  • Type in the desired IP address and click Save.

  • Click Save & Apply.

  • Disconnect from DataHub Wi-Fi and wait 30 seconds before reconnecting. This clears your current IP address and collects a new assignment from the DataHub on the new subnet.

  • Log in to DataHub again using the new address, e.g.,

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