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GPS tracking why TWS and TWD are not appearing
GPS tracking why TWS and TWD are not appearing

Why True Wind Speed and True Wind Direction are not appearing on a GPS tracking page

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TWS and TWD can only appear on a GPS tracking page updated by a DataHub connected to an NMEA network with instruments powered on. If the DataHub is connected, and it is the only source of a GPS position for your boat, and TWS/TWD are not appearing on your tracking page, please see this article for more information:

If you have more than one device updating the GPS position, e.g., a DataHub and an Iridium GO!, you may not see the TWS and TWD because the Iridium GO! does not report them and it is overwriting the information uploaded by the DataHub.

To resolve this, please disable GPS tracking on your Iridium GO! so only the DataHub updates your GPS tracking page.

To do this:

  • Open the Offshore App and ensure you are connected to your Iridium Wi-Fi.

  • Select Preferences from the main menu.

  • Tap Iridium GO!

  • Enter the default username and password, which are both: guest

  • Click Verify Settings.

  • Turn your Tracking OFF and your GPS OFF.

  • Click on Apply Changes.

Buy a DataHub to share TWS/TWD

Please click here if you don't have a DataHub and wish to buy one to share your TWS/TWD with family and friends on your GPS tracking page.

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