If you do not have an Iridium GO and are not using an Iridium GO number in your account, you can send your GPS position via email to tracking@predictwind.com and your position will be displayed on your GPS tracking page. As this is a manual process, it should be done regularly during the day so friends/family can check your progress.

You will need the Standard or Professional level of PredictWind subscription to use the manual GPS tracking.

The format of the email to be sent to tracking@predictwind.com as a single line in the body of the email.

Subject: not required (leave blank)

PredictWind Login Email Lat Long YYYY-MM-DD 00:00

An example of GPS update email as a single line in the body of the email would be yourpwlogin@gmail.com 23 20.111S 174 14.455E 2021-04-18 06:50

Latitudes and longitudes can be sent in any of the formats below, with a maximum of two digits after the decimal point.

+-179.99 # degrees
+-179 59.99 # degrees minutes
+-179 59 59.99 # degrees minutes seconds

N,S,E,W markers can be placed in any of the following positions:

W179 59 59.99
179W 59 59.99
179 59 59.99W
179 59W

NOTE:  For the GPS position report email to be received and processed correctly by our server, it must be in plain text with no signatures.

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