How to change Account Settings
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To change settings on your account, hover the gear icon in the top right hand of any page and click on settings.

You are able to update a number of account preferences from this screen. The first section allows you to update your login details, email and password. Click Submit to save.

The next section allows you to turn on and off the site introduction as well as hints and tips throughout the site. Make a selection and click submit to turn the hints on or off.

When this is turned on hints and tips to aid your understanding and use of the features will appear throughout the site as small round orange (?) symbols. Click the icon to open a tooltip window. Click anywhere on the tool tip to close it, or to remove the icon, click the X in the top right corner and it will disappear.

If you ever accidentally remove a hint and want to get it back, simply return to the settings page and turn hints on again.

The final section of the settings page lets you select various units to be used throughout the site for the various forecast formats. Select your unit selections and click submit to save them.

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