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How to Change Preferences/Login Details on a PC / Mac
How to Change Preferences/Login Details on a PC / Mac
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It is essential you have the correct login email address and password in the preferences of the Offshore App to download GRIB files. If you have the incorrect credentials you may see yellow triangles or error messages.

Watch the video tutorial in Full Screen mode, or follow the instructions:

• Open the PredictWind Offshore Application.

• Go to ‘File’ (or 'PredictWind Offshore' for Mac users) in the top left menu.

• Select ‘Preferences.’

• Click on ‘PredictWind.’ Use your registered PredictWind email address and password to sign into the Offshore Application. Press enter (on your keyboard). If you do not have an account with us, please register by clicking on ‘register’ to create a PredictWind account.

• Click on the red close button to close the screen and return to the PredictWind Offshore Application.

  • Then simply drag your start waypoint (green) and your destination waypoint (red) on the map to set your route and automatically select the weather for your trip. Please check the waypoints are in the water and well clear of the land, so the weather routing works correctly

  • Click on the "green" download button.

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