Blog posts can be added to your tracking page on any direct download connection type, so your friends, family and followers can share the journey with you.
Note: Blog posts cannot be updated via Offshore App email request. 

  • Open the Offshore App

  • Select GPS tracking from the main menu

  • Select, Add a post.

  • Fill in all the required fields, header, body, date and time, you need to fill in all of these fields. Please note your post needs to be at least 20 characters long with a unique title.

  • To add a photo tap on "choose file" then select the image from your library. The Photo will ONLY be uploaded when you connect to a high speed internet connection. You can add photos after your trip and timestamp then on the blog post. Photos can be added via the Offshore App, PredictWind App or PredictWind forecast website.

  • Click on Save post. You will now see a notification on the downloads bar on the main menu.

  • When you are ready to do your next download this message will be sent.

  • Check you have the tracking data option selected in the download settings.

  • In the downloads you will see your blog post and its file size.

  • Now download all your files and your blog post will be uploaded.

  • Once the upload and download is complete you will see your blog in the Offshore App. Your friends, family and followers will see it on your GPS tracking web page.

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