How to use Forecast Graphs
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Forecast graphs display forecast information on a time based graph of your selected forecast location.

  • 1 day or 10 day forecasts can be selected in the top right of the page.

  • The 1 day forecast displays the forecast from the 1km resolution model.

  • The 10 day forecast displays from the global models at their highest resolution.

  • The 1km resolution 1 day forecast will be more accurate due to the higher resolution.

  • Hover the graph to display data values for that time point in the table above the graph. This allows you to quickly compare all forecasts data.

The graphs plot the PWG, PWE, ECMWF, Spire, UKMO and GFS weather model runs. The graph legend shows which model and which location each line depicts. Different colors are used to show the different custom forecast locations.
It is useful to note the difference between the weather model outputs - if both outputs are similar you can have a higher confidence in the forecast. To compare multiple locations open the right menu and click on any other locations to toggle them on/off on the graph.

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