Using Ocean Data you can view the Ocean Currents from three models - Hycom, Mercator and RTOFS data as well as a Tidal Current Model at high resolution for certain areas around Europe and USA. 

The Hycom Ocean Current data comes from the US Navy, and gets distributed by Florida University. The data update times can be unreliable because of this data flow, but is our recommended ocean current model. This model is driven by GFS atmospheric model.

The Mercator model is from the Europeans and driven by ECMWF atmospheric model.

RTOFS comes from National Centers for Environmental Prediction, NOAA (USA) Model scope: This model provides forecasts for global ocean currents, at a high resolution 0.083°, 5.0nm, 9.3km

The Tidal current model used is the MyOcean IBI 2.5 km resolution for areas around Europe, and for tidal current GRIBs around USA the data is sourced from NOAA.  

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