The Weather Routing is a powerful tool for yachts and powerboats to display the optimal route for your trip based on forecast weather conditions.

  • Select Weather Routing from the main menu.

  • Click on the settings wheel, here you can set up your Polars, motoring options, tidal and ocean currents can be turned on or off (professional users only). You can also select for Fastest time or for comfort, to avoid adverse conditions.

  • Select you start time, this can be Now or a time in the near future.

  • Move your green start waypoint and your red destination waypoint to your desired locations, you can do this in the waypoint coordinates page or by dragging and dropping the pins on the map

  • Tap on the green download icon to calculate your weather route.

  • Use the animation controls to view your Weather Routing.

  • Tap on the weather model symbol to view the other weather models and their associated routes.

  • Tap on Tables on the map to view the Weather routing tables, use the arrow symbols to view the different tables.

  • Tap Map to return to the Weather Routing map.

Click here to view How to use Weather Routing Results.

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