This Iridium Mail & Web App provides both email and web access. The email feature allows you to register for one or more email accounts (one per device), that may be used like any email account, including attaching images or files.

This Android App provides both email and web access. The mail feature allows you to register for one or more email accounts (one per device), that may be used like any email account, including attaching images or files.

Activation of Iridium GO!

To activate your SIM card card please go to: PredictWind Satellite Portal

You will need to use your SIM card number when the package arrives, and the IMEI numbers on your actual Iridium GO unit itself. In the activation process you will select your airtime plan, and must enter your credit card details for the airtime charges.

The activation process will be complete within 10 minutes.

Please note the billing of your Iridium GO plan is pro-rated so you can choose to activate your Sim card at anytime during the month, and will only pay for that portion of the monthly charge.

1) Download Iridium Mail & Web app

Download and install the  ‘Iridium Mail & Web’ and the 'XWeb Satellite' App. At this time we also recommend installing the 'PredictWind Offshore App' from the Google Play store onto your smartphone or tablet. 

2) Register for an Iridium Email Account

Navigate to  URL to fill out the registration form, follow the instructions and register for a username and password. Select ‘Iridium Subscriber' from the device selection drop-down menu in the registration form. Registration for an account is free and required to use the application.

Please note your username becomes your email address. ie if johnsmith is your username, your Iridium email address would be

The alternative username is required incase the initial username you request is not available. 

Your password for the Iridium Mail & Web App must be between 6-18 characters, upper and lower case letters are allowed, numbers are allowed, and only the following punctuation marks are allowed . , ? ! ; : - _ () {} [] “ ‘

Please be careful that you accurately record the password, as you will need it for setting up the Iridium Mail & Web App. 

The email field at the bottom is simply for Iridium to send confirmation of the registration process. This email address should be your normal personal address (gmail/outlook/yahoo/etc).

The Iridium email address is not associated with your Sim Card, so if you do get a new Sim card you do not need to register again. However if your account is inactive for 12 months the email address is removed from the Iridium email servers. 

Note: All your emails are saved locally on the device, if you delete the App at any time you will loose the email data with it.

3) Pair the Android™ Device with Iridium GO!

  • Set up the Iridium GO! unit in an outdoor area with open access to the sky and 5 bars of signal strength prior to use. Without full signal strength the data rate will drop dramatically.  If the Iridium GO! does not have signal strength, it is probably not activated.
  • Flip up the antenna on Iridium GO! to turn it on.
  • Wait for Iridium GO! to initialize and establish connection with the Iridium network. 
  • On your Android™ device, go to Wi-Fi setting and select ‘Iridium-xxxx’ network. Wait for your smartphone or tablet to connect to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi network.
  • NOTE: On some Android devices you may need to turn on Airplane mode, then connect to the Iridium Wi-Fi.

4) Set up the Application

Open the Iridium Mail & Web app. You will be asked to enter your full name, username, and password, used during the registration process. Now you are ready to send and receive email with your Iridium email address.  This method is simple and recommended to minimize your email traffic.

The alternative setup is to forward your land based email to your Iridium email account. The advantage of this setup is that you only have the one email address, which can be accessed on and off the boat, however it is not recommended if you have high email traffic, as the Iridium GO data connection is slow.  To implement this method, add a “Reply-To Address” as your regular email address.  Recipients will reply to that address. You will need to have your Gmail (or other email) set up to then forward emails to your email. You can only set  up the forwarding for gmail from your computer not the Gmail app. See instructions

5) Send/Receive Email

Composing Email

  • From the main menu, tap the Mail icon, then Email menu and you will get a blank black screen.  Then tap the Mail Menu button (bottom right of screen - see picture below) and select 'Compose'.
  • Tap 'To' and enter the recipient's email address. Tap 'Subject' and enter the subject of the email. Tap 'Message text' to enter the body of the email message.
  • When the message is complete, tap the phone's menu button and select 'Send' to move the new email to the Spool folder. Repeat until all emails are complete. The new emails will wait in the Spool folder until your next Iridium Mail connection.

Sending/Receiving Email

  • You must be connected to the Iridium GO! Wi-Fi.
  • From the main menu select Mail > Send/Receive Email to go to the Mail Server Connection screen. Tap 'Send/Receive Email.' The session log window will show progress of the connection. During the connection all items in the Spool folder will be uploaded to the Iridium Mail server for distribution. When the session is complete you will see 'connection closed' in the session log. Please see screenshot below.
  • If the connection terminates prematurely during a data transfer, the email that was not uploaded will be stored in Mail > Email > Outbox. Once connected again, the mid-file restart feature will pick up the transfer of the email at the point where the file dropped during the previous connection.


6) PredictWind Offshore App

Go to Settings in the Offshore App and enter your Iridium mail and web user name and password. Then enter your PredictWind user email and password (this is the email and password you use for all your PredictWind accounts). You will need to be on the Standard or Professional version of PredictWind to access all the features of the Offshore App. Go to to upgrade.


7) Configure Web Surfing (Text Based Websites Only)

The 'Iridium Mail & Web' app allows you to view text only web pages using the XWeb web browser. Download XWeb from the Play Store.

  1. Connect your Android device to the Iridium GO Wifi by first entering flight mode, then reactivating WIFI then connecting to the Iridium GO WIFI.
  2. Open the Iridium Mail & Web App ensure you have valid account information then click on the ‘Web’ icon on the home screen.
  3. Click the upper-right 'Connect' option to start your connection.
  4. Wait for the dialing process to be complete. You will be directed to the XWeb browser app.
  5. Continue to access Web content. If you leave the page inactive for a few minutes, the connection will be dropped, and you will not be able to view any other text based web pages.
  6. Click the Iridium Mail & Web app to close the data connection. It will automatically close.

8) Twitter

Twitter is no longer supported in the Iridium Mail & Web App.  Please use the Iridium Go App and follow the setup instructions here

9) Configure Weather Forecast Service

This is a generic weather service with data from the NOAA GFS model. We recommend the PredictWind Offshore Package for a detailed and accurate forecast. 

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