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Tides in the PredictWind App
Tides in the PredictWind App
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Tides for Forecast Locations can now be viewed in two places. Daily Briefings and Tables.

We use a global tidal system which is a mix of satellite data and tidal stations made available from hydrographic offices around the world. The advantage of this method is full global coverage for any forecast location.

We expect our data to be accurate to within 20 minutes and 0.1m. If you are concerned with our tidal data accuracy you should compare with your local hydrographic office data.

Our tidal data is retrieved from No guarantees are made about the correctness of this data. You may not use it if anyone or anything could come to harm as a result of using it (e.g. for navigational purposes).

The tidal predictions are based on a non-authoritative static model and they do not consider current weather conditions. The accuracy of the global model in shallow (e.g. coastal waters) is limited. Heights are referenced to the local chart datum.

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