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YB3i GPS Tracking has stopped working
YB3i GPS Tracking has stopped working

Troubleshoot the YB3i if GPS tracking is not working

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If your YB3i is not transmitting correctly or your PredictWind GPS tracking page is not updating please check the following:

  1. Ensure the unit is powered, and any connections in the circuit are good,(check boat wiring, switches and fuses)

  2. There is an LED indicator on the bottom of the unit. The LED has the following indicator modes:
    Solid Green – unlimited power mode( all the modems are on 24/7), running on external power
    Intermittent Green – unlimited power mode, running on battery
    Solid Red – limited power mode (the modems in the unit sleep between transmissions), connected to external power

    Intermittent Red - limited power mode, running off internal batteries
    Off – in shipping mode, stealth mode, or the battery has run out and there is no external power

  3. Hardware reset the device by swiping the reset magnet all the way around the outside edge of the unit. The unit will beep after about 10 seconds, and will then be reset.

  4. If the above suggestions do not work, then contact support with the details below:

  • Name and contact number

  • The serial number of the Device (see serial number label)

  • Symptoms of the fault

  • History of action taken to attempt to rectify the fault

Please remember that the more information you can give us, the better we’ll be able to help you.

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