If you are having problems calling out from your Iridium GO and receive the message "This number is no longer in service" or see the number 698 inserted before the country code please check if Captain/Crew Calling has been turned on.

If 'Captain/Crew calling' has been turn on then regardless if you follow the correct dialing sequence, captain/crew calling changes the number and will give the voice recording that the number calling is no longer in service.

To turn off captain/crew calling go to the Iridium GO App > settings > Captain/Crew Calling and make sure it is disabled.

If you are having trouble with people not hearing you when you call from your Iridium GO please check the following:

1. Is your Iridium GO unit connected to the external Antenna? This makes a big difference, and make sure you are within a few meters of the Iridium GO to get the best voice quality.
2. Ensure that the microphone is turned on for the Iridium GO App.
On your mobile device, if it is iPad/ iPhone go to > Settings > scroll down to Iridium Go App > Microphone and ensure that the Microphone is turned on.
If on an Android phone go to > Settings > Apps > Iridium Go > Permissions and the ensure microphone is turned on.
3. When you are making a call with the Iridium Go App, ensure that the Mute button hasn't been accidentally clicked. The mute icon is a microphone with a slash through it. It will turn a slightly darker grey when it has been clicked.

Below are some other generic tips to try if you are having problems connecting the Iridium GO App to your Iridium GO device:

  1. We have seen instances where the Bluetooth and cellular connections on a mobile device can interfere with the network connection to the Iridium GO. Please turn your device into Airplane Mode, then turn on Wi-Fi only. Ensure Bluetooth is turned off. ** This is particularly important on an Android device.**

  2. Check the Wi-Fi of your device is paired with the Iridium GO! - not another network. If paired correctly it should show Iridium - XXXX Connected on an iPad/ iPhone and on Android Wi-Fi if paired correctly it should show Iridium - XXXX 'Connected- No internet'

  3. Turn off or uninstall any Ad Blocker or VPN Apps running on your device.

  4. Ensure you only have 1 device accessing the Iridium GO!, If you have multiple devices trying to use the Iridium GO! connection this can be a source of the issue.

  5. On an iPad/iPhone please go to your iOS settings > Wifi > Click on Iridium-XXXXX. At the bottom select HTTP Proxy and click on the "Off" button.

  6. On an iPad/ iPhone that has upgraded to iOS14, ensure 'Local Network' is turned on. Go to your device Settings > Scroll down the page until you see the Iridium Go App > Open the App Settings > Turn ON Local Network.

  7. On your iPad/ iPhone iridium GO App if you get the error message 'Could not connect to the Iridium GO, please check the IP address and Wifi connection' Go to your iPad/ iPhone device > Settings > Privacy > Local Network > Iridium GO App > Turn on Local Network for the Iridium GO App.

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